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The Boyfriend Shirt

The Boyfriend Shirt

The boyfriend shirt is one of the most amazing wardrobe staples. It makes you look like you just woke up and put on your boy’s shirt. It is effortless, flexible elegant, comfortable and confident.

Brownie points if you actually look better in it than him (or than your crush).

Why? Well nothing is sexier than a woman being able to pull of men’s clothing. Just ask any man. It’s a proven fact.

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KADA created a boyfriend shirt that highlights the best features of actually wearing a boyfriend shirt. Find out how after the jump



The number one reason why women wear boyfriend shirts is because of the comfort. It is supposed to be loose. However, that isn’t to say it should be without any semblance of shape. At the end of the day, it is what’s left to the imagination that makes any outfit sexy. KADA boyfriend shirts are nipped and tucked at the right places to show the slightest bit of skin; at the right areas. It is has an Asian fit with a slightly reduced arm length to make sure you don’t look like you’re swimming underneath a the sea of an endless dress shirt. Basically, it’s a sexier fitting boyfriend shirt.

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How to pull of a Boyfriend shirt: 

Here’s a lovely piece of advice, you can wear absolutely anything with it. It’s probably the most flexible wardrobe staple out there. So just wear it. Just don’t add too much to it.

If you need inspiration, here’s an easy one. Layer… (just like a man would)

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