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Wardrobe staple: The Button Down Shirt


What is a button down shirt?

The “button down” shirt is actually the most misused word in men’s fashion. People usually refer to a “dress shirt” as a “button down”shirt because you button the shirt down. 

Thinking about it, it actually makes sense. But if you’re a grown up, living in grown up land, you probably should know the difference.

A “button down”shirt is actually that has collars secured to the front by buttons. Simply put, they’re the dress shirts with buttons in the collar. Here’s another surprise, they are actually made strictly for casual wear. 

RedStripes3                                            _DSC4741



All KADA Clothing dress shirts are made with a much slimmer silhouette. It has less fabric at the waist and torso. It also has back tucks to create a more flattering shape that provides that ideal tailored look. We decreased the length slightly to the arms to fit the typical Asian built.

Red-Nautical-Stripes-Chambray-Prod                                            Light-Blue-Chambray-Product


Lowering the second button

We decided to lower the second button by 1 inch. Why? Well, because we got tired of having to look constricted when the second button is fastened and looking like Fabio when the second button is unfastened. A simple tweak, making all the difference.

Dark-Blue-Chambray-Close   compared to:   FabioLanzoni

Minute tweak makes you look better, in turn makes you feel better. The Wear it Forward movement simply augments this feeling of value for money, timeless fashion, and selflessness.