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For every shirt we sell,
we will give 20% of our profits back.
Absolutely no catch.

We created a new type of shirt, a shirt with a heart. KADA Clothing believes in simple ideas. So we founded our company on one simple but powerful model: for every shirt we sell, we will give 20% of our profits back.

That’s it. There’s no catch. Every shirt you buy is one step to improve the life of a person in need. KADA believes that people are always willing to effect change. Our mission is to give people this chance to help.

We meticulously chose the fit, thread, fabric, button and design detail to create the best shirt. No shortcuts were taken in producing each KADA shirt even if that meant taking over a year to get things off the ground.

Designer shirts are marked up 3-4 times by the time it reaches the customer’s hands. We decided to make KADA online only and are able to save 33% on the each shirt’s costs. What did we do with all the savings? We passed it back to you!


for every, for each:
"For every shirt sold KADA gives."
Wear it Forward & Red Button
Red Button

The red button is the main symbol of the Wear it Forward program and is thus the main symbol of KADA. It is the focal point of our product design and it represents our passion and commitment to “wear it forward”. Historically, buttons have expressed the status or rank of their wearer, depending on how many they are and what they are made of. Red symbolizes our passion and commitment to our cause. Putting a red button on each shirt means that all those who wear KADA contribute to one shared dream.

Camisa Patch

Cartwheel Foundation, Inc.

Carwheel is a non-stock, non-profit organization founded in 1999. Cartwheel has focused its efforts towards giving the marginalized and disadvantaged communities of indigenous peoples the chance to enjoy their right to an education. Working hand in hand with generous partners and sponsors, Cartwheel's effort is to bring education to the indigenous people who need it most.

Camisa patch

The patch is inspired by colors and textiles predominantly worn by indigenous people thus symbolizing KADA’s partnership with Cartwheel Foundation.

White Gusset

mano amiga academy

Mano Amiga is a non-profit academy that aims to provide education to marginalized families. The organization was founded by high school students in Mexico who raised funds to establish a school that would offer the same books, curriculum and every academic advantage they had in order to give the less fortunate the equal treatment they deserve. KADA’s white gusset shows its support for Mano Amiga.

White gusset

White gussets found on both sides of KADA’s button-down shirts are made of the same fabric as Mano Amiga’s uniforms thus symbolizing KADA’s partnership with Mano Amiga.


kada clothing team movement
The say you should
start a business that you wish
already existed, so we quit
our day jobs.

KADA is a team of passionate artists, marketers, and engineers who are healthily obsessed with their respective crafts. They wake up everyday with an appetite to push and grow through challenges and frustrations. Not only are they warriors in that regard, they are also nurturing parents to their ideas. Wherever they are, they overextend themselves in every way possible to bring out the best in their brainchildren.


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