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Shirt Details

KADA Shirt and Blouse Details

The Team are the ones who stayed on top of every detail that goes into our products to ensure a quality that we ourselves believe to be perfect. From choice of fabric, buttons, cuts and fits , packaging, and manufacturing, we look into every detail to meet our standards going beyond our satisfaction while remaining true to KADA‘s identity. Here are some details that exemplify how we #wearitforwad..

Real Pearl Buttons

Real shirts are made with Pearl shell buttons. Remember this rule:  plastic is cheap, pearls are divine. It may be 200X more expensive than those cheap plastic buttons, but we just couldn’t make the shirts without them. They’re stronger, more durable and has that distinctive shine that only real Pearl buttons make. You’ll never wear plastic again. Trust me, I tried.



Wear it Forward in the Chambray Boyfriend, Button Down shirts and Spread Collar

For every Chambray Boyfriend shirt KADA sells, KADA will be giving a uniform to a Mano Amiga student. That’s the 20%. See that gusset, that uses the same uniform fabric. Check Mano Amiga here.